Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk: The First Flight”–Teaser video online!

I see that some of you have already discovered this video online. It’s a brief “teaser,” whetting appetites for Cirque du Soleil’s newest production, “Toruk: The First Flight,” based on an Avatar theme. And it has some spoken Na’vi in it!

As you’ve probably guessed, I was involved in this project. I translated the needed text and worked closely with the professional voiceover artist in Montreal to coach him on the pronunciation. I think he did a fine job.

I was delighted to see the discussion about this on Several of you did beautifully in figuring out exactly what the Na’vi was! Seykxel sì nitram, ma eylan!

If I can figure out how to do a spoiler here on the blog, I’ll edit this post and add the text and translation. Otherwise I’ll include it soon in a separate post.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already listened to the Na’vi and attempted to figure it out, please do! I bet you’ll get a lot of it.

A couple of hints:

There’s one word you’re not familiar with: the Anurai are a Na’vi clan.

Also, keep in mind the adposition ‘against.’

Sìlpey oe tsnì hì’ia fìrel arusikx sì mì saw a lì’fya leNa’vi zivawprrte’ ayngane!  🙂

EDIT May 03: Well, I did some research and discovered I needed to add a new plugin to WordPress to allow me to do a spoiler. I did that, but for some reason it’s not working. So rather than fiddle with it further, I’ll just give you the Na’vi text below. If you don’t want to see it yet, don’t scroll down. 🙂










Oe lu Anuraiyä syena hapxì a rey.

 Tsaheyl si hu Eywa a krr,

 Stawm oel aymokrit fizayuä a lìm

 Krra kxap larmu sìreywä feyä nìwotx.

 Ayngaru tsavurit.

Edit May 03: Anuray –> Anurai
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22 Responses to Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk: The First Flight”–Teaser video online!

  1. EanaUnil says:

    Zolawprrte’ nìtxan oene, ma Karyu 🙂 Srungìri kop mipa aylì’uri irayo seiyi. Peyä aylì’ut apuslltxe ke tsolun tslivam nìltsan, nìkeftxo. Ha zene nivume nì’ul. 🙂

    • Pawl says:

      Nìprrte’, ma Eana Unil. Slä ngari txe’lan mawey livu, rutxe! Ngal lì’fyati leNa’vi sar nìltsan nìtxan. Ulte aylì’uri apuslltxe zene awnga nìwotx tskxekeng sivi nì’ul. 🙂

      • EanaUnil says:

        ‘ä’… ke pxan *_* Irayo seiyi nìtxan nìmun, ma Karyu :))) Ngeyä tstunwia aylì’uri kop furia oe tsolun tslivam melì’ut alu sìreywä feyä (nì’ì’a), ‘efu nitram nì’aw. 😉

  2. Blue Elf says:

    Lu sìltsan fwa ngal kar tseotut mokriyä, ma karyu! Nìngay nìrangal oel tsìeyve’a tsasäwìtxut slä lu oer sngum a tsaw ke tsayunslu.

    Related to clan name – it is known from Avatar game as Anurai, so what way of writing is correct – Anurai or Anuray?

    • Pawl says:

      Srane, ma Blue Elf, furia lolu oer tsaskxom a tseotur mokriyä srung si, nitram ’efu oe nìtxan.

      And thank you for the correction of Anuray –> Anurai. You’re quite right, although it’s mainly a matter of spelling. Technically, Anurai has four syllables while Anuray has three, but unless one is being extremely careful (and somewhat pedantic) in pronunciation, they come out virtually the same in normal speech (since the stress is on the first syllable).

      Tsasäwìntxuri . . . rutxe za’u ne Amerìka fte tsat tsive’a kop ayoeti fivrrfen fìtseng! 🙂

  3. SGM (Plumps) says:

    Indeed, it is wonderful that you are involved with other projects and that Cirque du Soleil is interested in this world.

    I thought you might be involved when I heard kxap in the recording that you just previously released 🙂 I also think that the voiceactor did an amazing job. Nìrangal piyevlltxe kop tsliyevam tsafya na hufwe…

    • Pawl says:

      You’re quite right, ma Plumps. I wanted to present the new word to the Li’fyaolo’ first, on the blog, so that when you eventually heard it in another context, it wouldn’t be unfamiliar. I try to do that whenever I can. 😉

  4. Vawmataw says:

    #CanadaForever ;D

    Fìtìkangkemvi lu txantsan. Oe rangal tsnì tsun tsive’a tsat.

    If I can figure out how to do a spoiler here on the blog, I’ll edit this post and add the text and translation.
    Two possibilities: [spoiler][/spoiler] OR click the ”nuclear sign”. 🙂

  5. Ftiafpi says:

    Fmawnìri lu txantsan a Cirque de Soleil-il solar lì’fyati leNa’vi. I was happily surprised by the spoken Na’vi in the trailer and even happier to see that it was indeed Karyu Pawl working with them, given how well spoken the speaker was I suppose there should have been no doubt. 🙂

    Late to the party but I was curious about the last sentence. I would translate ayngaru tsavurit as “(Let me tell) that story to you…”.

    However, I don’t recall precedent of being able to drop verbs out of sentences, only subjects in colloquial speech. Am I forgetting about something or is this a new example of a poetic or colloquial register?

    • Pawl says:

      Ma Ftiafpi, this is an example of what we might call “presentational” form. Recall that when we’re introducing someone to someone else, the form is “Ngaru X-ti.” So, for example, to say, “May I present my colleague to you,” or more simply, “This is my colleague,” we say “Ngaru oeyä lertut.” (Reference: )

      The situation here is similar. The speaker is saying, depending on how you want to render it in English, “Let me present that story to you,” “Let me tell you that story,” “Here is that story,” or “This is that story.” In Na’vi, two words are enough: Ayngaru tsavurit. 🙂

  6. Unil Tseo says:

    How can someone get in contact with Pawl, I don’t see any private Msg buttons and I cant post on public boards.

  7. Vìnsentì says:

    wou:) tan oeru. Rangal tsnì tsamun aymokrit stivawm.

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