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Discussions of grammar and usage, responses to questions.

Vocabulary update

Today’s post provides some new vocabulary, mostly from the A-priority list of the LEP (Lexical Expansion Project), along with a few usage notes. In the abbreviations indicating parts of speech, VT and VI refer to transitive and intransitive verbs respectively. … Continue reading

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Diminutives; Conversational Expressions

Today’s post introduces some useful things you can add to your written and spoken Na’vi, along with a few new vocabulary items. The Diminutive Form Lots of languages have a way of adding something to a word to mark it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ambiguity

A couple of questions have come up regarding ambiguous structures in Na’vi that I thought would make a good topic for the first post in the Language Discussion section—Tìpängkxo leLì’fya—for intermediate and advanced learners. Note: These kinds of posts may … Continue reading

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