Na Ayskxe mì Te’lan . . . Sad News

Ma eylan ayawne,

Txo tìkeftxonga’a fmawnit ke stilvawm ayngal, zene oe piveng san Uniltìrantokxä pamtseongopyu ayawne alu Tsyeymzì Horner tolerkängup.

James Horner, who composed the musical score for Avatar and so many other films, has died at the age of 61. He was killed in a plane crash in California.

While working on the film, it was my privilege to meet James, get to know him a bit, learn from him. I was so looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully working with him on the Avatar sequels. That is not to be, but at least we all have his wonderful music, and it will go on . . .

Tolerkup tute; pamtseo peyä tì’i’avay krrä rayey.

ta Pawl

tìkeftxo (n., tì.ke.FTXO) ‘sadness’

tìkeftxonga’ (adj., tì.ke.FTXO.nga’) ‘sad (not for people)’


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16 Responses to Na Ayskxe mì Te’lan . . . Sad News

  1. SGM (Plumps) says:

    Tolängel oel tìkeftxonga’a fmawnit fìrewon. Keftxo nìtxan nì’aw. Zerok oel futa ayrelìri arusikx na Tìtstewnga’a Txe’lan fu Titanic peyä pamtseo rolo’a oer nìtxan. Tsaw yawne lu oer.

    Ngaru tìyawr, ma Karyu, tolerkup tute; pamtseo peyä tì’i’avay krrä rayey.

    Pori lom layu fkor… 🙁

  2. Tìtstewan says:

    Tsa’upxare längu tìkeftxonga’ nìtxan. 🙁
    Oer sunu peyä ayfamtseo nìtxan. Ulte mllte oe hu Plumps.
    Ayfamtseo peyä lu ketsukterkup.

  3. Vawmataw says:

    Set fìtutanìl anawm tok tsengit asìltsan Eywahu, slä poan holängum ye’krr nìhawng. Oe mllte ngahu, pamtseo peyä tì’i’avay krrä rayey.
    My condolences to his family, his friends and the people close to him.

    Oel ngolop fìrelit:

  4. Tìtstewan says:

    Ngaytxoa, slä tsole’a oel ‘uot:
    Ayskxe’ -> Ayskxe (without apostrophe)
    fu tsaw livu mipa lì’u, srak?

  5. Tirea Aean says:


    His beautiful music will never be forgotten.

  6. Hufwa po slu lomtu, tsalsungay peyä pamtesoä loran wawesì ’ivì’eiawn…

    Sivaleiew hu Eywa nìmwey nì’aw, ma Nawmtu.

  7. `Eylan Ayfalulukanä says:

    Irayo nìtxan, ma Pawl. Tìkeftxonga’a fmawn nìngay!

    These are words that were badly needed. Too bad that they had to come at such a tragic time. I (and many others here) feel your anguish!

  8. `Eylan Ayfalulukanä says:

    Is tìkeftxonga’ a noun or an adjective? Most words ending in nga’ are adjectives.

    • Pawl says:

      It’s an adj. I was lazy and cloned the previous entry to modify it rather then typing it out from scratch, but forgot to change n. to adj. Thanks!

  9. Markì says:

    Dictionary updated. Version 12.234.

  10. Le'eylan says:

    Keftxo nìtxan- nìsngä’i, krr a oel stolawm fìfmawnit, oel pumit stum ke spolaw.
    Ha, pamtseo Uniltìrantokxä eltur tìtxen soli nìtxan- lolu ‘u a neykewomum oet fìrelteri arusikx. Fa tsapamtseo rolun oel lì’fyat leNa’vi.

  11. Kì'eyawn says:

    Keftxo nìtxan. Zerok awngal a po, reiey.

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