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Tìtusemteri—Concerning Shooting

Shooting—whether it’s the Na’vi with their tsko swizaw or the Sawtute with their hunsìp—plays a significant role in “Avatar.” Recently, Tsm. Plumps alu Stefan requested clarification on the Na’vi terminology for shooting, so let me share with you here what … Continue reading

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Ayioang amip sì ayu alahe—New animals and other things

Kaltxì, ma frapo. As you know, Cirque du Soleil’s production “Toruk,” created with James Cameron’s participation and full approval, has expanded our knowledge of the Na’vi universe, and that includes new additions to our Na’vi dictionary. Let me give you … Continue reading

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Melì’uteri alu tung sì pllhrr—About tung and pllhrr

TUNG I’ve been reminded that I never specified the syntax of tung ‘allow, let, permit,’ so let me do that now: Tung is a vtr—a transitive verb. Its object is the thing that’s being allowed: Ke tung fkol tìwusemit fìtseng. … Continue reading

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Tengkrr perähem zìsìt amip . . . As the New Year arrives . . .

Kaltxì nìmun, ma frapo. Before the year ends (at least here in Los Angeles!), I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and also express some personal thoughts and feelings that have been on my mind and … Continue reading

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Interviews, Questions, Comments

Kaltxì, ma frapo. I thought you might be interested in a few things I’ve been doing. First, I did an interview for a UK-based language blog that’s now online: You probably won’t find anything here that you haven’t heard … Continue reading

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Recordings added to the last post

Ma frapo, We now have voice recordings for all the examples in the last post, beautifully read by a tsulfätu lì’fyayä, our own Neytiri. Seiyi irayo, ma Ney. Ngeyä lì’upam lor lu nìngay. We’ll have more “guest readers” in the … Continue reading

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Mrrvola Lì’fyavi Amip—Forty New Expressions

Kaltxì nìmun, ma eylan! And hello again. Tse . . . it’s been a while. 🙂 I hope you’ve all been healthy and happy during my temporary absence from the blog. And I hope you’ll find the approximately 40 new … Continue reading

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Vomuna Lì’u Amip—Ten New Words

Kaltxì nìmun, ma eylan! It’s been quite a while, I know. Takrra postì asok frato solalängew txana krr. I’ve had a lot of distractions recently, some good, some bad. But things are settling down, and I hope to post some … Continue reading

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Tskxekengtsyìp a Mikyunfpi–A Little Listening Exercise

Here’s another little listening exercise I hope you enjoy. There’s one new vocabulary item you’ll need: pxawngip (n., PXAW.ngip) ‘environment’ This derives from pxaw ‘around’ + ngip ‘space’ Recall too that Tsyan = ‘John’ Fìtskxekengtsyìp zivawprrte’ ayngane! Edit 10-01-15: ayngaru … Continue reading

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Aylì’fyavi Lereyfya 2 — Cultural Terms 2 — and more

Kaltxì, ma frapo— This post adds to the cultural terminology in the previous one and hopefully fills a few important gaps in our lexicon as well. Irayo nìfrakrr to the LEP and other members of the Na’vi community for some … Continue reading

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