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Stxeli Alor–A Beautiful Gift

Kaltxì, ma smuk. As a little listening exercise, I’d like to tell you about a beautiful gift John and I received. First, a couple of new words you’ll need: krrka (adp-, KRR.ka) ‘during’ tìreyn (n., tì.REYN) ‘train’ (borrowed from English) … Continue reading

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Tsawlultxamaw a Aylì’u—Post-meetup Words

Kaltxì nìmun, ma frapo! Another great North American meet-up of the lì’fyaolo’ and the wider Uniltìrantokxolo’ is now behind us. As you know, AvatarMeet 2014 was held in Los Angeles, and so it was a pleasure for my muntxatu alu … Continue reading

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Teri tsalì’u alu nìfkeytongay—About “nìfkeytongay”

I’ve been reminded that I haven’t yet officially introduced this useful word, although I had promised to in a comment in a previous post. So here it is: nìfkeytongay (adv., nì ‘actually, as a matter of fact’ The word is … Continue reading

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Mipa Aylì’u, Mipa Aysäfpìl—New Words, New Ideas

Kaltxì ayngaru, ma eylan! As May comes to a close, here’s some new vocabulary I hope you’ll find useful. Aysämokìri atxantsan, oeyä aymowarsiyuru [see below!] irayo nìtxan! mowar (n., mo.WAR) ‘advice, bit or piece of advice’ Ma Neytiri, ayoel kin … Continue reading

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Value and Worth

Kaltxì, ma frapo, Last time we looked at expressions for barter and exchange using the adposition yoa. This time we move to a related semantic domain and consider how to talk about value and worth. Like the last post, this … Continue reading

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Barter and Exchange

Kaltxì, ma eylan. Well, 2014 has gotten off to a slow start for me. But here’s a brief post, just under the wire for February, with more to follow soon. This post introduces an important new word: yoa. yoa (adp-, … Continue reading

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Mipa Zìsìt Lefpom! Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year, my friends! May 2014 bring health, peace, and joy to you all. NìNa’vi . . . 

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Na’vi 102 Videos!

Ma Eylan, Lu hasey! Videos of the Na’vi 102 class that it was my pleasure to teach at AvatarMeet 2013  in Shenandoah National Park are now available on YouTube. Descriptions and links to the six videos are below. Irayo nìtxan to … Continue reading

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’On sì Salewfya—Shapes and Directions

Kaltxì, ma eylan! Ayngari tengkrr ya wur sleru nì’ul, sìlpey oe, livu helku sang ulte te’lan lefpom. Here’s some new vocabulary—mostly excellent contributions of the LEP, some recent and some not-so-recent—involving shapes, directions, and the physical properties of objects. ’on … Continue reading

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Taronway—The Hunt Song

Kaltxì, ma frapo— Ke längu fìpostìmì ke’u a lu mip. I’m afraid there’s nothing new in this post, just an old favorite, The Hunt Song, which as most of you know was published in the Activist Survival Guide. It’s one of … Continue reading

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