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Zìsìt Amip Lefpom, ma eylan! Happy New Year, friends!

Hum zìsìt alal, pähem pum amip. Yo’kofya atì’iluke. (See below.) Let’s hope 2018 proves to be a healthy, happy, and fulfilling year for all of us. To start things off, a few new vocabulary items: yo’kofya (n., YO’.ko.fya) ‘cycle’ From … Continue reading

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Voice recording added to the previous post

You can now hear Neytiri reading her poem—quite beautifully, I might add. Irayo nìtxan, ma tsmuk!

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Vurway Alor—A Beautiful Narrative Poem

Our own Neytiri has written a beautiful narrative poem leNa’vi inspired by some of the words in the 30 Sept. blog post. It’s about a pa’li and an ilu named Lilu and Luli respectively. I think you’ll really like the pamuvan … Continue reading

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More language for talking about language

Fyape pängkxo fko teri lì’fya leNa’vi . . . nìNa’vi? Tse . . . nì’awve fkol kin aylì’ut azey. To talk about Na’vi in Na’vi, we need some specialized vocabulary. We already have a start. The following terms have long … Continue reading

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Zìsìkrr amip, aylì’u amip—New words for the new season

Kaltxì nìmun, ma eylan. It’s been a while! I hope you’ve all been happy and healthy—and doing interesting, satisfying, fun things. As for me, you can guess what’s been occupying my time more and more. Tìkangkem anawm sngolä’eiyi! Needless to … Continue reading

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Pandora: The World of Avatar in The New York Times

Kaltxì, ma frapo– I came across an article in today’s New York Times that I thought you’d like to see. It’s a feature on the Disney Avatar theme park, complete with wonderful photos. They even quoted a Na’vi phrase (Swotu … Continue reading

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Way Tiretuä—The Shaman’s Song

Ma Eylan, Over at, some folks took a stab at transcribing the Shaman’s Song that’s heard in Mo’ara. Understanding sung lyrics isn’t easy. If you’re like me, you’ve often had to look up the lyrics to songs you find … Continue reading

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Aylì’u a ta “Eywa’eveng: Kifkey Uniltìrantokxä”—Words from Disney’s “Pandora: The World of Avatar”

Kaltxì, ma frapo. As you all know, the new Walt Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida, “Pandora—the World of Avatar,” opened to the public at the end of May. Nìkeftxo, due to family health issues I wasn’t able to attend … Continue reading

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Tìtusemteri—Concerning Shooting

Shooting—whether it’s the Na’vi with their tsko swizaw or the Sawtute with their hunsìp—plays a significant role in “Avatar.” Recently, Tsm. Plumps alu Stefan requested clarification on the Na’vi terminology for shooting, so let me share with you here what … Continue reading

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Ayioang amip sì ayu alahe—New animals and other things

Kaltxì, ma frapo. As you know, Cirque du Soleil’s production “Toruk,” created with James Cameron’s participation and full approval, has expanded our knowledge of the Na’vi universe, and that includes new additions to our Na’vi dictionary. Let me give you … Continue reading

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