Pandora: The World of Avatar in The New York Times

Kaltxì, ma frapo–

I came across an article in today’s New York Times that I thought you’d like to see. It’s a feature on the Disney Avatar theme park, complete with wonderful photos. They even quoted a Na’vi phrase (Swotu Wayä) correctly!  🙂

The author was very positive about the park experience, writing:

[T]he world aims to give fans of the film (and young fans in the making) the same jaw-dropping, immersive experience that they came away with after watching the movie the first time.

Did they pull it off? The answer is a resounding yes. 

And here is a “360 video” that accompanies the article.

I can’t wait until November when I’ll get to see the park first-hand during the Avatar Meet-up. Nìsìlpey ultxarìyevun oel pxaya hapxìtut lì’fyaolo’ä awngeyä tsatseng nìteng!

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