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Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk: The First Flight”–Teaser video online!

I see that some of you have already discovered this video online. It’s a brief “teaser,” whetting appetites for Cirque du Soleil’s newest production, “Toruk: The First Flight,” based on an Avatar theme. And it has some spoken Na’vi in it! … Continue reading

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Some New Words for May Day

Kaltxì, ma frapo! Sìlpey oe tsnì fpom livu ayngaru nìwotx ulte sngerä’i a zìsìkrr asang zivawprrte’ [see below] ayngane. The well-known saying “April showers bring May flowers” has for several years now been far from true in California. I only … Continue reading

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Kap sì ayunil saylahe. Threats, dreams, and other things.

Kaltxì nìmun, ma eylan! Sìlpey oe tsnì fpom livu ayngaru nìwotx. I hope you’ll find the following new words useful, the majority of which stem from ideas provided by the LEP. kxap (n.) ‘threat’ Tìpähem Sawtuteyä kxap atxan larmu Na’viru. … Continue reading

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Ayngaru tsìnga yora’tut! May I present the four winners!

Ma eylan, To close out the year I have a real treat: It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2014 Na’vi Writing Contest and present their work to you. This year’s theme was: Mrra zìsìt hu Uniltìrantokx … Continue reading

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Twenty before the Holidays

Kaltxì ayngaru, ma eylan. I hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to healthy and happy holidays. Here are some new vocabulary items I hope you’ll find useful. Thanks, as always, to the stalwart LEP contributors for some of … Continue reading

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Tson sì Fpomron—Obligation and Mental Health

Kaltxì, ma frapo. I have some new vocabulary for you today that I think you’ll find useful. Most of these will be in the categories of obligation and mental health, but there will be some miscellaneous words as well. Thanks … Continue reading

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Stxeli Alor: The text

Here’s the text to the listening exercise in the previous post. If you haven’t already, I think it would be a great idea to listen to the narrative several times and try to write out what you hear. Then compare … Continue reading

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Stxeli Alor–A Beautiful Gift

Kaltxì, ma smuk. As a little listening exercise, I’d like to tell you about a beautiful gift John and I received. First, a couple of new words you’ll need: krrka (adp-, KRR.ka) ‘during’ tìreyn (n., tì.REYN) ‘train’ (borrowed from English) … Continue reading

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Tsawlultxamaw a Aylì’u—Post-meetup Words

Kaltxì nìmun, ma frapo! Another great North American meet-up of the lì’fyaolo’ and the wider Uniltìrantokxolo’ is now behind us. As you know, AvatarMeet 2014 was held in Los Angeles, and so it was a pleasure for my muntxatu alu … Continue reading

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Teri tsalì’u alu nìfkeytongay—About “nìfkeytongay”

I’ve been reminded that I haven’t yet officially introduced this useful word, although I had promised to in a comment in a previous post. So here it is: nìfkeytongay (adv., nì ‘actually, as a matter of fact’ The word is … Continue reading

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