Na’vi 102 Videos!

Ma Eylan,

Lu hasey! Videos of the Na’vi 102 class that it was my pleasure to teach at AvatarMeet 2013  in Shenandoah National Park are now available on YouTube. Descriptions and links to the six videos are below.

Irayo nìtxan to everyone who helped in this endeavor: to Leonopteryx who provided the video projector, speakers and amp; to Mikko who contributed the spiffy digital white board; to DJ Makto who recorded the lessons; to Lightstorm Entertainment who supported the cost of the room rental; and to all the aynumeyu whose enthusiastic participation made the class lively and fun. Most of all, a huge thank-you to Alan, our brilliant videographer, for his time and talent in putting these videos together so beautifully.

Although the material is elementary, I hope that even for our sulfätu these lessons will have some interest, and that you’ll find them useful for teaching others.

Sìlpey oe, faysänumvitsyìp lesar lìyevu ayngaru nìwotx.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 1
Running Time: 14:35
Introduction and classroom phrases to help learners ask and respond to questions in Na’vi during the class.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 2:
Running Time: 16:27
A dialogue piece: questions and answers about identity and age.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 3:
Running Time: 18:36
The topical for nouns along with the Na’vi octal numbering system.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 4:
Running Time: 16:01
A dialogue for describing families large and small.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 5:
Running Time: 18:28
Exploring lenition and plurals.

Na’vi Class 102 – Part 6:
Running Time: 21:29
The question of ‘What are you doing?’ and its answers reveal the changes that occur to agent and patient words.

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4 Responses to Na’vi 102 Videos!

  1. SGM (Plumps) says:

    Tewti! Aynumeyuri ftxey sngä’iyu ftxey tsulfätu fìsänumvi amip lu sì layu lesar nìtxan! Irayo nìtxan ngaru sì tsmukanur alu Alan!

  2. Tìtstewan says:

    Ohh, Txantsana fmawn!
    Irayo nìtxan!

  3. Stxong kameyu says:

    I’m looking for the downloadable handouts and the 17 lessons if ya could help me, thank you.

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