Sound Files Added to Previous Post

Ma smuk,

I’ve now added sound files for all the examples in the previous post. After each example, you’ll see a little light gray arrow. Click on it and you’ll hear me pronounce the example at normal conversational speed.

A language should be heard and not just seen, so I hope these sound files will be useful to you. Although I may not be able to do this every time, I’ll try to add sound to the written examples whenever I can.

Ayngeyä tìftusia ’o’ livu nì’aw!

ta Pawl

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3 Responses to Sound Files Added to Previous Post

  1. Tirea Aean says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! This would be wonderful whenever possible! I may try to do this for my blog from now on as well.


  2. SGM (Plumps) says:

    Txantsan nìngay.

    Irayo nìtxan nang 🙂

  3. Irayo ma oeyä Karyu


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